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Default i have a winter ball dance comign up and i want to look the best. what to do for hairstyle and accesories
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Their is this girl at my school who i feel really bad for. She has lying issues and she said she got her winter ball dress at ttny for $175. i want to look amazing as in my hair and accesories since my dress is soo plain. my dress is a white rouched strapples sweatheart sundress with a tight white line right under the chest area. I want to have some gorgouse hairstyles that i can do myself. I dont want to curl my hair cause it never workxs out the way i want it too. I want my hairstyles to be elegant and easy to do but super super pretty and i also want amazing makeup ideas and accesories. Please give me links. NO YOUTUBE VIDEOS.. I would love to do a cute braided hairstyle but i can only regular braid and fishtail braid. I can curl my hair if the hairstyles are pretty enough and i want my makeup options to look amazing. I am petite with brown eyes and fair skin tone and i have long straight hair. SO any options?????
so since that girl got her dress at ttny, i want to look better then her cause my dress is simple