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Default i have a winter ball dance comign up and i want to look the best. what to do for hairstyle and accesories
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I'd go with all gold accessories. First, I'd get a metallic gold 1" wide ribbon and tie it just under the chest over the seam on the dress with a loose bow in back and the tails of the ribbon hanging down.

Then I'd wear a gold sparkly bracelet and dangle earrings with small fake diamonds and wear gold eyeshadow close to the lashes with a cocoa brown smokey eye makeup. A rosy peach lipcolor and nail color would be gorgeous, too. Go light on the gold eyeshadow so it looks more dreamy and not too flashy.

For the hair, I would do a fishtail braid starting higher on the back of the head and add small twist in sparkly pearl/rhinestones to the braid. Such a fabulous all white and gold look!! : } like these, just twist them into the finished braid, randomly spaced